Gradually eliminate your stress with proven brain & body exercises.

Our app helps you practice simple exercises that quiet the regions of our brain responsible for stress, fear and frustations.

Try it now, it's easy, a session takes 🕑 3 minutes. 

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QuietHamster combines exercises that came out from scientific research

Science is now clear on bilatarel eye movements.

Bi-lateral eye movements have been used to treat patient with PTSD for 20 years.

Papers from leading scientific publication like Neurons, Cell and Nature have confirmed what bilateral eye-movements does: It quiets down the Amygdala, the fight-or-flight region of the brain.

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Mindfulness calms you down quickly.

Research has shown that even 30 seconds of mindfulness can have a positive impact on mental and physical health, including reducing stress, improving focus, and increasing relaxation.

For example, one study found that people who practiced a 30-second mindfulness exercise before a stressful task had lower cortisol levels and performed better on the task.

90 seconds for brain to shift

Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard neuroscientist, discovered that our emotions are driven by a chemical reaction that takes about 90 seconds to complete.

This means that we have about 90 seconds to observe our emotions without judgment and choose how to respond.

QuietHamster can help in multiple areas of your life

At work

  • Replace the uncomfortable feelings of doing something you don't like to do with a sense of peace and calm.
  • Replace the stress of not knowing something with the joy of learning something new.

At home

  • Replace the annoyance of house chores with a sense of calm and joy.
  • Go from the 90% of people who don't enjoy cooking to the 10% who love it and find it relaxing.

In business

  • Replace the fear of reaching to potential clients with the joy of helping other people.
  • Replace the fears of writing content or recording video with the excitement of trying new things.

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How it works

Whenever you detect yourself having negative thoughts or emotions, open our app and do a 3-min session.
This will calm your body, brain and nervous system, allow you to take action.  This will rewire your brain over time.

Step 1

Become aware of unpleasant feelings.

Step 2

Start QuietHamster to quiet your brain and body in 3 minutes.

Step 3

Become aware of how calmer you are and resume your activities.

Use it on your phone, tablet and desktop.

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Who it's for

  • People wanting eliminate their stress.
  • People that are open-minded.
  • People who are tired of suffering.

Who it's not for

  • People not willing to practice
  • People not willing to make any efforts.
  • People looking for a magic pill.

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The science

Brain research have mapped a lot of our brain's networks.
By quieting certain regions, and activating others, we can change how we feel and think very quickly.


Activated when stressed, in fear or in fight-or-flight situations.

QuietHamster can help you quiet your amydala.

Default Mode Network (DMN)

Activated when we worry, overthink, and thinking negatively.

QuietHamster can help you quiet your your DMN.

Task-Positive Network (TPN)

Activated when we are positive, taking action and "in the zone".

QuietHamster can help you activate your TPN.

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QuietHamster vs other solutions

QuietHamster Lite


Virtual EMDR

Traditional EMDR

Session duration

3 minutes

3 minutes

20 to 60 minutes

60 to 90 minutes

No need of a therapist


Available 24/7 anywhere


Simple words (no jargon)


Audio instructions.


Easy-to-use visuals.


Advanced reminders




Weekly-group coaching







$120 / year

$69 / month

$150 / session

Get rid of all kinds of stresses.

Gently eliminate all types of stressors in your life.


  • Annoyances
  • Irritations
  • Disconcontentment


  • Frustrations
  • Boredom
  • Panic attacks


  • Relationships
  • Grieving
  • Addictions

Replace your anxiety with a positive mindset.

Whenever you detect yourself having negative thoughts or emotions, open our app and follow the prompts.

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What is unique about Quiet Hamster?

Unlike other tools that are audio-only, Quiet Hamster is audio, visual, and interactive. 

It speaks to you.

When you start procrastinating, often your amygdala is hijacked. Quiet Hamster, you can hear the prompts showing on the screen, making easier to take action.

It's highly visual.

On top of have the audio, the text is on the screen for you to read.  That's great if you don't want to disturb people around you, don't have a headphone, or prefer to read. 

It's fast and not boring.

A session can be done in 3 minutes.  We have designed Quiet Hamster to help you calm down very quickly. 

No credit card required. No download.

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