Most entrepreneur's frustrations are not mental, they are physical.

Your brain is a physical organ with different regions.  And we can choose which part of the brain we want active.

With simple exercises, we can deactive the fear regions of the brain and activate the positive regions.  

QuietHamster helps you do that.

And it's easy, a session takes 🕑 3 minutes. 

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The five emotions of

Once we discover how our brain works, we can choose to be motivated instead of annoyed, frustrated, angry or shut down.

Level 1


This is your ideal state.  This is the most productive.

  • Base level
  • Relaxation
  • Enjoyment

Level 2


Something mild that triggers a small internal reaction.

  • Rain
  • Something being slow
  • Having to repeat 

Level 3


Stronger emotion that makes you stop what you are doing.

  • Being late
  • Something not working
  • Traffic

Level 4


Can trigger a physical or verbal reaction.

  • Unfairness
  • Threat
  • Difficult people

Level 5


Uncontrollable physical reaction.

  • Danger
  • Trauma
  • Betrayal

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Talking to prospects and selling is so much easier when the fear centers of the brain are deactivated

Quieting the brain's amygdala

Also known as the fight-or-flight region of the brain, the amygdala is designed to protect us by detecting threats.  If it's active when talking to a potential client, it makes it very hard to be confident.

Papers from leading scientific publications like Neurons, Cell and Nature have confirmed that a simple exercise called bilateral eye-movements quiets down the amygdala.

The same technique can be used before a sales call, making it much easier.

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The Default Mode Network (DMN).

The DMN, also known as the rumination center of our brain can be quieted.  

One study found that people who practiced a 30-second mindfulness exercise before a stressful task had lower cortisol levels and performed better on the task.

QuietHamster quiets 2 key brain regions

Brain research has mapped a lot of our brain's networks.
By quieting certain regions, and activating others, we can change how we feel and think very quickly.
Changes can take as little as 3 minutes.

Quieting of the


Activated when stressed, in fear or in fight-or-flight situations.

QuietHamster can help you quiet your amygdala.

Quieting of the

Default Mode Network (DMN)

Activated when we worry, overthink, and think negatively.

QuietHamster can help you quiet your DMN.

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What is unique about Quiet Hamster?

Unlike other tools, QuietHamster uses 4 modalities: Speaking, reading, seeing, and touching

When you are in a flight-or-flight situation, either real or imagined, it is extremely hard to do anything and focus.  QuietHamster is designed to grab your attention.


Unlike audio-only meditations, you can also read the prompts on the screen.  

Spoken words.

With QuietHamster, you can read the prompts on the screen, and hear them spoken, making it much easier to do the exercises.


Compared to other apps which are audio-only, everything spoken can also be read on the screen.


Some of the exercises ask you to click on the screen. This tactile component helps disengage your thinking brain and to quiet it.

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How it works

Whenever you detect yourself having negative thoughts or emotions, open our app and do a 3-min session.
This will calm your body, brain, and nervous system, allowing you to act.  This will rewire your brain over time.

Step 1

Use QuietHamster to quiet your brain's amygdala & DMN

Use QuietHamster to quiet your Amygdala & DMN in 3 minutes.

Step 2

Talk to
potential clients

Jump on a phone or zoom call and see how easier it is.

Use it on your phone, tablet and desktop.

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