Printable QuietHamster 4.0 script

March 15

1. Check in.

If you don't have access to the app, here's QuietHamster version 4.0 as a script.

You can print it and leave it in strategic locations.

Step 1. Check in.

How do you feel right now?
Bad - Unpleasant - Neutral - Good - Very good

How would you like to feel?
Bad - Unpleasant - Neutral - Good - Very good

Would you like to feel that way now?
Yes - No

Step 2. Quiet down your brain's amygdala and DMN
Exercise 1: Move your eyes side-to-side (Bilateral eye movements) for around 60 seconds.  You can take a 5-second break every 15 seconds.

Exercise 2: Practice 30 second of mindfulness to quiet down your brain's DMN.

Pick 3 objects you have around you.

Touch each of these 3 objects, put your attention on the texture of each of them.

Feel the temperature of those 3 things.

Look at those 3 things, look at the colors and shapes.

Gently tap on those 3 things, pay attention to the sounds you hear.

Gently scratch those 3 things, pay attention to the sounds you hear.

Step 3: Decide what you want

Decide what do you want to learn, do, feel or believe?

Remember that you have done a lot of challenging things in your life, you can do this too.

For around 20 seconds, move your eyes side-to-side thinking about what you want.

Step 4. Take action.

Spend 5 second to feel this pleasant feeling you want to have. 

Then, take action. Three, Two, One.


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