“What If” questions to listen at 1-minute interval when doing a task that stresses you

August 30

Sometimes, there are things we don't want to do.  

Or have a blockage towards.

We know there will be stress, and we avoid.  It's natural, our body is programmed to avoid stress.

But here's a way that might help you.

Start your task using our nudge clock and listen to the statements at 1-min intervals.

If stress comes in, listen to the prompts, and regulate yourself.  Go back to a state where you are a great person, things will be fine.

Let me know if it works for you.

(You want might to try the Nudge Clock with different sequences.

  • What if you are this great person?
  • What if everything is fine, and you shouldn't worry?
  • What if the people around you don't get upset
  • What if people are fine with problems?
  • What if there is nothing to worry about?
  • What if you can always take 1 min to realize that you have nothing to worry about?
  • what if people love you?
  • what if it's time to love you now?
  • what if you can relax?
  • what if people would love you to relax?
  • what if people want you to be happy?
  • what if life can be easy if you look at objectively and focus on how great you are, and how great it is?
  • What if it's time for you to relax?
  • what if this very moment you take 10 seconds and love yourself?
  • what if people want you to succeed, because if you do, everybody is better off?
  • what if the entire world wants to hug you right now?
  • What if you should be proud right now?
  • What if your job now is to be proud?
  • What if it's fine if your brain finds something hard?
  • What if it's normal to have forgotten something, that your brain is normal?
  • What if your primary job right now is to feel the love of the world?
  • What if you can use this moment to look outside, and look at the beauty?
  • What if you know that you will be very, very happy when it's done?
  • What if people are very happy with the results of what you do?  
  • What if people love you the way you are?
  • What if you are reminded every minute that you are this great human being that will be loved for the rest of its life?
  • What if things are normal, and just there to be enjoyed?
  • What if you are a great human being?
  • What if feeling of shame are put back in the ground, and something beautiful replaces it?
  • What if I tell you that you are intelligent, that everybody find it hard to do something new for the first time?
  • What if I tell you that slow things are a chance to realize that pressure is not needed?
  • What if you can just live the present minute, and ignore the past and the future?
  • What if there are more love on this planet than you can absorb?
  • What if I tell you that 1 person, 10 persons, or maybe millions of people will be happy after you have finished?
  • What if you continue to live in the present moment?
  • What if every time you have a negative feeling, you can switch to a positive one in 1 second?
  • What if stress is just something that you learned, and you can pick calm?
  • What if it's just time for you to stretch now, and love yourself, immensely?
  • What if you can say things like: I don't know how to do this yet?
  • What if you can ask people for more time?
  • What if you tell people that you want things to be done well?
  • What if you can tell things are they are and people only love you for it?
  • what if you can be in flow and truly live the present moment every day?
  • What if boring tasks can be this thing that make you a better person?
  • What if you are just ready to move on to teaching your knowledge and giving opportunities to other people?
  • What if we are in a state of the world and we try things, and when things are boring, we just try something new?
  • What if stress and guilt are absolutely useless right now??
  • what if stress is poisoning you, and your body sends you this warm feeling to calm you down, because that's what it needs??
  • what if happiness doesn't end?
  • what if you can cry anytime you need it?
  • why don't you let yourself carry about love?
  • What if you use negative emotions as signals that there is a happiness that you can access to?
  • What if you start, and you feel an immense sense of joy, why wait? what is joy just get better as do things?
  • I would love to see if it helped, and if I can add, remove or make anything better.



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    Printable QuietHamster 4.0 script
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