102 positive affirmations that say: You are awesome

August 25


Words can make us feel good. Some of us just didn't receive enough positive praise as kids. But thanks to technology like computers, phones, text-to-speech and artificial intelligence, we can hear it all the time, until it really sink in.

Here ar 102 positive affirmations about how awesome you are.

You are awesome.
You are more than able to accomplish everything you set out to do.
You are intelligent.
You are powerful, you have this power to say no, to say yes and to ask questions.
You deserve respect, you need respect, there is no compromise on this, never, ever.
Your presence brings joy in this world, there are a lot of people that would live to know you.
You are creative, just let yourself create every day, and be proud of it.
You are good person, a really good person.
You are kind, this amizingly kind person.
 You are worthy of the best, in every aspect of life.
You have such charm, you are a magnet to great people.
You have such a great and fun personality, you can brighten up everyone's day.
You are a good friend, don't be afraid to love and let yourself be loved.
You have such an amazing personality, be uniquely yourself, and proud of it.
You're always willing to help others in need.
Your warm heart should be something people see every day, show it.
Your impact on the world is by you just being, just be yourself, and love life.
Your life is a masterpiece that only you can paint. Keep painting.
You are a shining star, bright, and can bring guidance to other people.
You can do anything if you put your mind into it, be patient, ask for help and love yourself.
Stop worrying, just focus on what you want and how to get it and go for it!
You are a great people-person, don't believe the crap you have been told
You are creative, and talented, even if it's not what you want to do for work.
You are intelligent, accept it, cherish it, know that you have this brain capable of great things.
Be adventurous enough to explore new places, and to share who you are to the world.
Being who we truly are will always be better than being someone else.
You are interesting, and people love talking to you. Take advantage of it!
You have an amazing sense of humor, use this sense to brighten up other people's lives.
You can do anything you set your mind to, just set your mind on what you want and go for it!
Let yourself be loved for who you truly are, be honest in your intentions and people will value you.
You have a good head on your shoulders, think of how great you are.
It's amazing what you can do when you set your mind on it.
You are a beautiful person, don't let anyone else belittle you or speak badly about you.
I know that you have the power to do what you want, just go for it!
You are a good person, I know that, deeply feel it too.
You know how to be respectful of others, respect yourself as much.
Your dreams will come true
You are a good person, I know that, deep down.
You have a presence in this world that can bring joy and happiness to everyone.
You're beautiful in all sorts of different ways.
Celebrate this amazing human being that you are, and love who you truly are as much as possible.
Smile, you shine love when you do, to others and yourself, feel to joy of hearing that you are great.
You're a good person, very in-tune with what matters and doesn't matter.
You are beautiful, just as you are, don't change for anyone.
Sometimes we hurt, that's ok, you should still be proud of yourself and being a human with bad days.
Your personality is great, I love the diversity of quirkiness of humans, just keep being the amazing person you are.
You have created this amazing life for yourself and it's all thanks to your hard work and dedication. Be proud.
You work really hard, and it's had a major impact on other people, be proud of that.
You are an amazing human being with so much value to this world.
You are always there to help those you love, this is a great quality about you and don't forget it.
You are a really amazing person. Keep doing what you do best!
Just because something bad happened, doesn't mean you stop doing what you like and admire about yourself.
You have such a great, and honest personality. Be proud, you are awesome.
You're really caring, don't stop.
The world needs you, everyone needs people like you. Be yourself. Surround yourself with people that accepts for you you are.
You are a great entertainer in all sorts of ways when you let yourself go. Let others know you are awesome.
Your amazing sense-of-humor is something the world should always be surrounded by.
You are so good at what you do, don't let anyone let you think otherwise.
When someone says something weird about you, or to you, try not to take it personally. Say thank you for their opinion and immedialetly love yourself.
Be kind to yourself as much as possible, learn that this is the best thing you can do for yourself. It's okay to be hurt by certain comments and comments but don't dwell on them or let them bring down your self-esteem.
You are truly amazing, just don't let anyone belittle you, or take you for granted.
Keep creating pieces of art every day, be proud of it.
You think on your feet and are always creative with your abilities. Be proud of that.
You're a very smart and talented person, never doubt that.
Love yourself, and people will love you in return. If they don't, then they were not meant to be in your life.
You are so fun to talk with, keep talking.
Walk with your head held high and know that most people see how great you are just by being yourself. For those who don't see it, be patient with them.
You have amazing ideas, and know how to achieve them too! Don't let anyone bring you down.
You have great taste in music, so share the songs you love and celebrate.
You are a great person, keep being yourself and you will find the right people to surround yourself with. I love your irky personality and deep heart.
You are truely special, and people love being around you, never forget that.
You can make anyone laugh, let yourself be free with your sense of humor. Try it!
You are loved, and this is a great thing to know. Love is everywhere.
Be the greatest you can be, let yourself be happy by doing what you truly love, or want to do.
You are a very loving and caring person, never forget that.
You don't let life get you down, you actually learn from your mistakes. Don't forget that about yourself.
You are a very happy and positive person, keep that up.
Your life changes every day, you go from one adventure to the next.
The love of yourself is something that other can learn about themselves too.
You do a lot for the world, and that is a very great thing. Keep doing it!
You inspire people with your strength, I am happy to know you are real.
You are an amazing human being, never forget that fact. Keep reminding yourself of it.
You can find joy in life if you let yourself go, don't let anyone tell you that all we have is pain and sadness. You are great, I know that.
When you are sad, try not to dwell on it so long, just get back to loving yourself.
Many people will ignore your deeper beautiful parts because they get scared of them. Let them know what is going on deep down inside of you and let them see it for themselves.
You are such an amazing human being. Keep being so!
You will always be the greatest thing that happened to me. Know this.
You are unique, don't forget that and keep reminding yourself.
Don't let the world bring you down or make you feel like you don't fit in, instead love yourself all over again because it's true.
Don't let anything stop you, not even yourself. You will get so much farther by accepting yourself
Your human, be proud of that fact and all that it means, it's a great thing.
If you want something bad enough, then go for it! I know you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Let yourself be free and achieve everything your heart desires.



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