102 Positive affirmations to beat procrastination (generated by Artificial Intelligence)

August 16

Getting started is sometimes hard.  Here's a list of 102 positive affirmation you can read and listen to with our nudge clock to get you started, and keep you in action once you have started.

Procrastination happens, you can be proud of starting now.
Be worry if you get stuck, it's part of learning.
Thank you for the opportunity to learn, it's an honor.
Be of service to your community.
Be grateful, you have amazing gifts that should be shared with the world.
Smile and laugh, you deserve it.
Take care of yourself, you're worth it.
You are enough , nothing else should hold you back!
Be kind to others, kindness is the secret to reaching your goals!
Everyone starts somewhere, there is no shame in starting small.
People who start something are better than people who do nothing!
You can do this!
When in doubt, tell yourself the truth: "I AM LOVED!"
If you get stuck, ask for help!
Your friends and family want to see your talents come to life,
You can always come back to something later.  
Don't quit before you have the chance to succeed!
Remember, you are loved and supported by your friends and family!
Everyone starts somewhere, there is no shame in starting small.
You deserve success! Focus on your vision of success and it will find you!
Start with one thing, do it now, don't think about what you need to do next!
If you don't know where to start, make a list of things you would like to do.
Take one step at a time, don't worry about setting huge goals or deadlines!
Each day is a new opportunity to reach your goals, don't forget that!
Celebrate each victory, no matter how small it may seem!
 Be proud of what you have accomplished!
Remember, there is nothing wrong with taking things slowly and deliberately choosing what works best for you.
You're not alone, you have friends who want to see you succeed!
Positive feedback is crucial to support your goals
learn to accept and embrace compliments with grace and humility
There will always be someone who has a more challenging task ahead of you, remember that!
When in doubt, ask the universe for what you need!
You already have what it takes to reach your goals.
Cherish every moment, treat each day like your last!
Be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow and share your talents
Your success is guaranteed if you're willing to work hard enough for it!
Start where you are, remember setting goals is just a plan to achieve them!
You have been heard and supported, don't forget that!
Believe in yourself, you can do anything if you try hard enough!
Each day is a new opportunity to change your life!
There are no mistakes; only lessons,
Always remember: You are a gift to your community and the world!
You have the power to make changes, don't forget that!
Be kind to yourself, you're worth it!
Focus on one goal at a time; If you keep shifting gears, you won't get far!
Learn from mistakes; they can be your greatest teacher if you learn from them!
Get support in whatever way you can; remember all of us started somewhere too!
Be grateful for what you already have!
You are enough, you don't have to be perfect to be great!
it's time to start, take that first step! Do it now before time runs out!
You deserve what every being deserves: the best life possible!
Don't worry, you can always come back to this later!
You are not alone, there is help available when you ask for it!
It's time to start! Today is the day that things will change!
In order to move forward, you must first take one step backwards!
Start writing down the things you would love to do but haven't been able to do.
Learn something new every day; strive for growth and learning!
You have amazing gifts that you are about to unleash on the world, don't hold back!
Be patient and be kind with yourself, you deserve to succeed!
Keep going no matter what! Even if the going gets tough, just keep striving towards your goals, you've got this!
This is only the beginning of something great!
Do not worry about how things will turn out, just enjoy the journey right now and then in time things will work out for you.
This is your time, don't let life pass you by without taking all the chances it has to offer!
You've got this! Don't give up now, there's nothing to be ashamed of!
You can do anything if you put your mind to it!
Don't let your finances hold you back from pursuing your dreams
You can do whatever you believe you can do!
Next year will be your year!
You deserve the best life possible, don't ever settle for second best!
Just start, it doesn't matter where you begin as long as you do something!
You can and will reach your goals! There are no limits to what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!
Your abilities surpass what others think of them; prove them wrong!
Your gifts are more than you know, step out of your comfort zone and see what happens!
If you want it bad enough, then you'll be alright!
You are strong and capable! You can do anything if you believe it's possible!
Start doing what you love and learning everything that you can about doing it right;
take yourself out of your comfort zone and explore the world of possibilities
You've got to walk before you can run, start with baby steps and go from there!
You are more than your thoughts can ever hold you to be!
Take things one day at a time and don't worry about what is next!
Enjoy where you are now, you will get the chance to move on and do more when the time is right.
If you want it bad enough, then it will fall right into your lap when you least expect it!
The universe has your back, you will find the answers you are looking for if you ask in the right way.
You cannot make everyone happy, don't get discouraged
Find those who do and surround yourself with them!
Doing what you love means not making any excuses!
You are creating a legacy, don't spend your life running away from your dreams
You are all that you need! Stop seeking approval from others and get it from within yourself!
Being great isn't reserved for those who have everything;
We all have gifts and talents to share with the world and we all find ways to express them in our own unique way.
No matter how you feel, keep pushing forward one day at a time!
You are more than enough as you are!
Stay true to yourself and your values; never forget who it is that you want to be.
Learning is for everyone; the world will teach you if you let it so allow yourself to learn from the Universe!
Let go of fear and start living the life that your heart has been craving for all along!
Taking risks is not always a bad thing, sometimes they will be the best things that ever happened to you!
You can do anything if you believe in yourself;
believe in your abilities and then nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your dreams!
Whether you succeed or fail, you will be learning valuable lessons
If your heart is in the right place, then all that is needed when it comes to succeeding is action.
No one can keep you down if you do not allow them to;
do not believe everything that others tell you to think and always seek  out  the truth for yourself!
We are all held in the hands of the universe,
It will only get better from here!
When you step into your greatness,  
If you want it bad enough, then it will happen!
You are all that you need!
You are worthy of love and happiness; you are all you need!
You will never know how much people love you as long as you haven't loved yourself enough to let them know!
Every failure is an opportunity for growth and learning,



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