102 Positive affirmation for CPTSD

August 16

Here's a list of 102 positive affirmation for those with CPTSD.  You can read them, print them, or listen to them at any intervals during your day using the free audio nudge clock.

1, I am proud of my achievements
2, I am not broken, I am healing
3, It's OK to be vulnerable
4, It's OK to ask for help when you need it
5, It's difficult but not impossible to change
6, This is temporary and will pass
7, You are strong enough
8, You can do this! you're a survivor!
9, You are loved, you are beautiful
11, It will get better every day
12, All the things that were wrong about you have disappeared , You're a good person now!
13, You are growing and changing every day!
14, YOU ARE ALIVE!  You cannot die anymore, there is nothing to fear now!  
15, You have a purpose in life and are meant to live
16, You can be a person who is self-confident!
17, You are worthy of love!  You deserve it!  It's ok to be happy again!  
18, Be your own best friend, accept yourself as you are now and don't let anyone else think you should be different from who you truly are! - It's good to believe in yourself ,
19, You have a right to be happy!  It's OK to feel happy!  That feeling is the best feeling in the world ,
20, Don't let someone else's opinions of you dictate what YOU decide to do!
21, You are doing great! And you're loved and people will love you, and if they don't: so what? You'll find something else that makes you happy,
22, There is nothing that can hurt you,
23, Stop holding on to your past!  You have to let go of it, It's OK to leave your past behind and move on with your life ,
24, You have learned from your mistakes and you are stronger now!  
25, You don't deserve to be treated badly, no one does ,  Don't let anyone mistreat you again because that's just not right !  
26, You are a wonderful person and you deserve the best, no one should ever treat you like that!  It's not OK ,
27, You have a right to be happy and feel positive about your life in every way,
28, There is no such thing as perfection! If someone wants you to be perfect and changes you because of it, they don't deserve you anyway ,
29, Don't let anyone say anything bad about you or think anything bad about your past that makes them think it's OK for them to mistreat you or abuse other people too , They don't understand that what they do is unacceptable!  
30, Be kind and loving towards everyone (including yourself) ,
31, You have to believe in yourself, because if you don't, who will?
32, Be brave and be kind!  Let go of your fears and let new things happen to you!  
33, Forgive yourself for what happened in the past, you were a child and didn't know better at the time !  
34, Stop wasting your time on things or people that don't make you happy or positive about yourself ,  Start living a more positive life ,
35, Be nice to everyone and treat them with respect , even if they don't deserve it – it's still OK to be nice!
36, There is good in everyone, even the person that mistreated you when you were a child,
37, Don't put yourself down because you hurt someone or did something wrong in the past , instead be kind to people and don't blame yourself for anything ,
38, You are worthy of love and respect!  You're a good person and a wonderful person (because that's who you truly are) !
39, You deserve to be happy again!  
40, You're an amazing person who is truly loved no matter how they act or look!  
42, Let go of your fears!  Let them go!  Stop holding on to them so tightly!
43, You're beautiful, period!  You are perfect just the way you are ,  
44, You don't have to be perfect , you're enough just the way you are, You have to believe that for yourself!
45, You have to love yourself and enjoy life because that's what makes you truly happy!
46, It's OK to be kind and nice towards people , Whether they deserve it or not !
47, Stop worrying about how other people see you,  They think what they think, so it doesn't matter what any of them think!  
48, Forgive yourself for all the bad things that happened in your past and move on from them ,  Forgiveness is the key!
49, It's OK to be loved and accepted the way you are!
50, You're doing great just the way you are now!
51, You deserve better than what happened to you in the past,  You don't have to let it define who you are, or how people treat you now ,  
52, Believe in yourself and your own ability to make things happen for yourself ,  You can do anything that you put your mind into , so believe in yourself !  
53, You can make your dreams come true if you believe in yourself , and you're strong enough to do it!  
54, There is no such thing as "perfection", If someone wants you to be perfect they don't deserve you or love you , Your worth comes from being a person who does good things with their own life, not trying to keep up with anyone else ,
55, Forgive yourself for all the things that happened in the past and move on from it – let go of your past! You are strong enough now, and don't have to feel guilty about what happened before ,  You don't deserve that feeling anymore,
56, You are strong enough to help yourself improve and do things differently ,  You have a wonderful future ahead of you – so believe in yourself!
57, You will always be loved no matter what your past is or how others think it defines you,  You are loved by people who actually love you),  
58, You are infinitely more than the hurt that someone caused you, so forgive them!  Forgive yourself for not forgiving them in the past ,
59, You deserve to be treated better than how people treat you now, because that's not right! It's wrong to mistreat another person like that !  
60, You have to let go of the past if you want to feel good about yourself, so do it!
61, It's OK to be proud of yourself and all that you've done ,  You've done well; don't let anyone bring you down for it ,  
62, You deserve more than what's happening to you now,  
63, Stop comparing yourself and your life to other people and the way they live theirs; love who you are,
64, It's OK that you're different than other people , We all are a little bit different from others anyway ,  
65, You don't need to change yourself for anyone because they will never appreciate you or love you the way you are anyway ,  
66, You've done well, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise. beproud
67, Everyone has problems in life, but it's not OK to mistreat other people because they have problems too; help them instead of thinking about how many problems they have ,
68, Don't let your past define who you are ; it's just a part of your life and there is more good than bad in there , Don't sit around being negative all the time !  
69, Don't let people judge you for everything you've done in the past, just because they see one part of it doesn't mean it defines you ,  Just let them be and don't worry about them!
70, You deserve to be treated with love, kindness and respect no matter what anyone else says or does to you; let go of your past because that's not who you are and what anyone thinks doesn't change who you are ,
71, Be happy for others no matter how lucky they may seem – everyone gets their own little piece of luck that's just right for them !  
72, Nothing in life is perfect , There will always be ups and downs; just focus on looking at the happiness you do have in your life ,  
73, You are free, and you were born with a free will so don't let anyone tell you to do what they want,  You have a free mind and can choose what is best for yourself ,  
74, You can choose to be anything you want and everything will work out fine if you believe in yourself!  
75, You were created for a reason, so believe you are worth being happy!  
76, You'll come to see what mistakes you've made in the past and you can learn from them ,
77, It's OK to be scared sometimes, but you can make it through anything if you have faith in yourself !  
78, Believe in your dreams because they will become true  if you believe they will and make them happen!  
79, You are what's important right now, so stop feeling sorry for yourself – focus on letting go of your past !  
80, You have a wonderful future ahead of you , so don't waste it by living with regrets about the past ,  
81, Everyone has faults, but you need to let them go so you can be happy again,  
82, You're doing well even if things aren't going the way you'd like them to , Things will work out the way they should if you just believe in yourself !
83, Don't let others tell you what to do because they don't know your situation and won't understand why you do whatever it is that makes sense for you ,  
84, You don't have to feel bad about yourself because everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect; let go of your past so you can move on with having a wonderful future!  
85, You deserve more than just the problems you have, so work to make sure you get everything that you want in life – it's yours for the taking !
86, You know what's best for you, so don't let anyone tell you differently ,  
87, You should love yourself!    Just love yourself now!
88, The past is behind you now, so live in the present and be happy with yourself as who you are right now – not who someone else thinks they want to see!  
89, You are worth more than whatever a person tries to do to make themselves feel better about themselves ,  Don't let them!  
90, Don't judge others so that they won't judge you; we are all human ,  
91, You have changed for the better, and it's not OK for someone to tell you otherwise , You're good now and should be proud of yourself !  
92, You're not alone, even if it might feel that way sometimes – there are always people who care about you  out there in the world somewhere – you will find them one day!  When that time comes, don't stop looking and never give up hope!  
93, You're worth more than how other people treat you, so be happy with yourself because you can make a difference if you want to!  
94, You can start right now to be everything that you want to be and do everything that you want to do in life if you believe it ,  
95, No matter what anyone else says, you have to stay anchored in reality, you are great.
96, You can't change the past, but you can learn from it and never make the same mistakes again ,  
97, Once you let go of your past , you'll be able to live happily in the present and look forward to a wonderful future!  
98, You deserve more than what people think about you – don't let anyone take your dignity away from you , You don't need to prove anything to them ,  You're good enough just how you are ! 
99, You're going to have a lot of ups and downs in your life, but that's OK because growing up is like that for everyone; live life while it's happening!  



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