Improve your breathing with the Nudge Clock

September 10

Breathing is one of the most important thing we do.  Without it, we die within a few minutes.  

But as it's so automatic, that we often do not pay attention to it.  

But lots of research have been done show that we can improve our health by improving our breathing.

Here's a video that goes in detail:

If you want to learn about breathing right, have a look at ButeykoPlus, I have started a online course with them on how to breath better, and I am already feeling better.

Of course, like any new habit, we often forget to practice.  That where the nudgeclock can be useful.  You can leave it running in your browser, and configure it to remind you throughout your day.

Access it now, it's free and fully configurable.


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Printable QuietHamster 4.0 script

Printable QuietHamster 4.0 script
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