April 16

Mooji’s exercise

Positive Affirmations


Watch this short clip from this long video (starting at 45:48) where Mooji goes through this 7-min simple yet calming excercise.


I want to show you a simple way to get back in harmony with yourself.

Now, everybody feels the sense ‘I’, ‘I am’, just the feeling ‘I am’.

You know of your existence. You know you exist. OK? So this feeling, ‘I exist’, or the sense ‘I am’,

when you say ‘I’, that’s what it really refers to. I would ask them to just spend seven minutes or so.

Just sit quietly for a little bit, and just feel the sense of being-ness.

Just the sense ‘I’ or ‘I am’ is there. There is no story in it, there is no history.

It’s not important that you think of yourself as a man or a woman, or a meditator.

None of these things help. Everyone can do it! Just the feeling of being-ness.

Once you are aware of how simple it is, just a feeling of being, like if you had nothing to do, nothing to become, nothing to change, nothing to fix, nothing at all, you are just here.

And there’s no thought about what you are doing. That simple empty space, just be there.

Just the feeling that you know you exist. It’s like a quality of presence.

Just stay in that feeling of presence and don’t allow it to connect
with any thought or intention, or any form. Just keep it by itself. Leave it there.
Now, some thoughts are going to come, and some habits to start to think about sending an email,or something like that. But if they come, you’re not to fight with them.

Simply be aware of them, but just stay as the feeling ‘I am’. The feeling ‘I am’ is just like a space.

If you do anything in a space, it doesn’t stay. If I draw a face in a space, it doesn’t stay.
They just appear and they disappear, but you stay only as that space, just that awareness space.

In the beginning, it might be very difficult. It might feel very difficult to do, but persist.
Do seven minutes. OK? And maybe even if it feels, ‘Wow! That was so tiring!’

In the beginning, it can feel tiring, because you’re not trying to become something,
you’re trying to prevent the mind from taking your attention away. So you just stay like this.
And you do it again when you want. And gradually, you’ll be able to stay,
even though thoughts and noise come and say, ‘My God, there’s even more noise than before!’

But don’t give up. After a short time, you will discover something very, very beautiful.
You’re going to discover a silence in yourself, a peace, a sense of vastness.
You are going to become so happy, so, so happy. Just keep on staying in this space whenever you want.

Seven minutes minimum, just sit there like this. You can do this before you go to bed at night,
but not when you’re tired. Or, in the morning is nice. When you get up, just sit for a few minutes, and just clarify your mind, just keep it clean.

Then go about your business.

Just do this and keep it going for a week, or two weeks are good. Then you may write to me and tell me if your life has changed or not.

This will be something that is not to do with any particular religion. Anybody can do it.
The atheist can do it, the believer can do it. The karma yogi can do it, the jnana yogi can do it,
the bhakti yogi can do it, anybody can do it. People who know nothing about yoga, meditation, religion, nothing at all.

They can do this. It will bring you to the same place. It’s the most beautiful Self-discovery.
Just that. Just this nothing. No special terms, no special impressive spiritual terminology.
Just stay in the feeling of being.

And when thoughts come to take your attention, just stay, learn to ignore them.
At first it’s going to be very difficult. The worst are going to come and create fears in the mind,
but you only have to stay as that feeling. Then, after your seven minutes, you get up and go about, do your thing.

Then, if somebody wants to say something, maybe they write to you, Luke, and tell you about this, what happened in their life. Because I think it will touch on all the things we talked about today.

It will touch on all those things. It will satisfy all those questions in them.


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