Procrastination Buster sequence

October 4

Move your eyes from right to left for around 20 seconds, don't think
Without thinking, look at things around you for 20 seconds, just look at the details of the object, don't analyze.
Listen to the sounds around you for 20 seconds, notice your breath too.
While you continue looking, feel your hands, or touch something.
Using all your senses, feel the fact that you are alive. Be grateful for it.
How are you now?
Find as many positive things about yourself, others or your situation
What role model do you have, think about the simplicity of their thinking
Think about a role model's view on mistakes and failure
What is the simplest way to view your life goals
How do you feel?


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Printable QuietHamster 4.0 script

Printable QuietHamster 4.0 script
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