Good questions to ask yourself

September 4

Are you a great awesome guy?
Are you intelligent?   
Are you sweet?
Are you clever?
Do you have a great smile? 
Do you think too much?
Do you have a great sense of humor?
Are you feeling in control?
Are you feeling alive?
Would you like to feel good?
Can you be creative?
Do you love learning?
Do you like to be calm?
Do you like to be focused?
Do you like to do stuff?
Do you like have 2 good options?
Do you like to have fun?
Are you insanely wonderful?
Are you without judgment?
Can you accept reality?
Can you  accept how people are?
Do you give attention to your true self?
Should you feel safe now?
Should you be proud of yourself?
Should you be healthy?
Should you worry for no reasons?
Should you focus on the now?
SHould you focus on a visual element?
Do you hear any birds?
Do you hear the wind?
Do you hear the fridge?
Do you hear your breath?
Do you feel your heart?
Can you diffuse your visual?
How was the last minute?
Are you a joker at times?
are you grateful of being alive?
Do you see the big picture?
How do your hands feel?
Can you ignore irrelevant thoughts?
Are you a winner?
Can you slow down?
Would you like to slow down?
How does relaxing sound like?
How does slowing down feel like?


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Printable QuietHamster 4.0 script

Printable QuietHamster 4.0 script
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